Sunday, October 3, 2010

Enjoy your Family Today!

Hi Sweeties!

Just a note today! Enjoy your day with the Lord and your family.......... I will be doing the same.

The wedding yesterday was soooooooo beautiful! So Christ Centered.

Wanted you to know that you are soooooooo sweet to have left all the comments yesterday! I loved reading every one of them and will be visiting your blogs!

Hugs from the Farm to Your HOME!


  1. Today is a blessed day indeed. I am in awe at God's love and my sweet blessing of a family he gave me.

  2. Linda,
    Your Blog is so beautiful,in my option its one
    of the best, Warm/Friendly so Christ centered,
    Beautiful Red borders,So eye catching"New" follower so glad I found you...Well be back soo!!! Just starting Blogging in August 2010,Thanks for inspirting me !!
    May the Lord Bless your Day !!!



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