Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Will Follow You!

Hello sweet ladies.......

I am putting this up on Thursday night.

This morning while at work I noticed one of my coworkers was having a really tough day. I didn't say anything I just prayed. Right then this song (below) came on. It overwhelmed me with the need for Christ in this world. I looked around..........lots and lots with hurts. I know there are a lot of people who have a blessed life......but I also know that some live everyday in hardship.....because of unwise decisions. My honey and I were talking the other day........he thinks that it was God's timing that we have now gone into the world .......together.........I agree. Even though leaving our little farm has been very hard for me as a mom............I see that the fields are ready and we need to start loving Jesus Name. Does anyone notice how hard it is getting out there?

Hope you enjoyed this will be a favorite for me for a while. I want to be used...........there are so many who need love. Praying for our coworker.........wanting to know what the Lord wants us to do.

Yesterday I received an email...........from a friend from my college days (it lasted 6 months for me). Tonight we were able to was like 40 years had never happened between the last time we saw each other. We giggled........"40 YEARS?" We don't feel that old! We was sweet........she was the most precious did we loose track of each other............not anymore! God is so good.......He is a REDEEMER........ is He not? If you haven't called an old it is wonderful!

Oh and Deb.........if you read this...........I have my jar.........I put some money in it.......and I am saving for an airplane ticket........for come to my farm.........what a wonderful thought! We can stay up and laugh like the old days........I will take you around my can gather my chicken eggs.....we can go out in our pj's...........we can sit on my front porch and we can read His Word.......and pray together......that will be a special day. We have asked the Lord for His we can wait.........on Him! Can't wait to see what He has in store!

Hugs sweet ladies........thank you for the comments that you left today!



  1. Linda,

    Praying for your co-worker. Yes, there are so very many hurting these days. Everyday, it seems like the Holy Spirit shows me someone else who needs encouragement, a friendly smile, a child that needs warmer clothing, a neighbor that is ill and needs assistance....the list seems endless. I am thankful that our Heavenly Father is able to do exceedingly more than we can even we pray and try to put legs to our prayers when we can.

    Lovely song...thought provoking.

    May you and your old friend be blessed with a face to face reunion soon.

    I know you are looking forward to the weekend! May it be blessed.

  2. Linda, it's so hard out there for many, my hubs and I have had a struggle this year that we have not seen since our boys were is tight, I have chronic illness and can't work. You are so lucky to have found that awesome job. I pray for those who are struggling so...


  3. I enjoy that song too when I hear it I think of the Children in the Foster system that we meet because of being resource caregivers...

  4. I LOVE this song!! Dear have such a sweet and tender heart. I appreciate so much that you grieve over the lost and hurting in this old world. Keep letting the love of Jesus shine thru you sweet sister!!

    I am so blessed to hear that you reconnected with an old friend...

    Make new friends,
    but keep the old.
    One is silver,
    the other is gold.

    A circle is round,
    it has no end.
    That's how long,
    I will be your friend.

    A fire burns bright,
    it warms the heart.
    We've been friends,
    from the very start.

    You have one hand,
    I have the other.
    Put them together,
    We have each other.

    Silver is precious,
    Gold is too.
    I am precious,
    and so are you.

    You help me,
    and I'll help you
    and together
    we will see it through.

    Across the land
    Across the sea
    Friends forever
    We will always be

    Have a blessed weekend my friend :)

  5. it is very hard. I best friend found out her husband gambled everything away. She has nothing. I felt so bad. The world is nuts. We are in the end times. Our saving grace is god and jesus. That is the only thing I rely on.

  6. Yes, SO many are hurting right now. Satan has deceived so many leaving, them with the devastation and turmoil. Thankfully, salvation, through Jesus, can turn lives around. We need to be on lookout for those in need, just as you are doing. God uses each of us in our season, doesn't he? Blessings.

  7. Thanks for sharing this song. When I get weary I forget that I have the strength of the Lord and must give Him my all and reach out to those in need of Christ. I have a dear friend that lives on the other side of the country and I will work to save for a ticket for one of us so that we can spend some time together.

  8. Oh my dear are just a special person and your co workers are so fortunate to have you close by. God is working through you and for you. I will keep your co worker in my prayers. The song is beautiful...thanks for sharing it with us. Hope you have a blessed weekend!

    xoxo Gert

  9. The world is a sad place. More and more Christ is being attacking and those of us who stand and believe are ridiculed. I am praying so hard. I just want to be happy with my phamily and friends.
    But Linda that is so awesome that you meet up with your college friend. How cool! I would love to be a little fly on the wall when you two visit! Hee Hee! Anne

  10. Please let's all pray for each other. Yes, Linda, the world out there is getting very hard. There are so many needs and broken people, it overwhelms me at times, but I know GOD is able.
    I pray you have a precious reunion with your friend.
    God bless and surround each of you with His amazing love.

  11. Isn't it great that our Father is available whenever we pray?!

    How terrific that you connected with an old friend. Hope to get to see each other face to face really soon.

  12. Do you remember the song (from a few years back) "People Need the Lord"?? EVERYDAY I find this song to be you said, often because of poor choices, & sometimes the poor choices of others.... I just want to pick people UP and place them in the arms of Jesus, right near His heart! If only they knew how much they need Him! Remember Jesus crying over Jerusalem?

  13. Hi Linda! Thank you for your encouraging words today. I love coming to your blog and always get a spirit fill-up when I do! You touch the lives of so many and I hope you have a blessed day today!

  14. Linda... I have that Leeland CD at home..and it's great!!! I'm glad you were able to reconnect with a friend.. and when I read about you putting money in the jar, that made me smile. I have a BALL glass jar with lid that I put all spare change from dimes all the way to pennies. I'm saving it...not sure for what yet...a sure..but I'm saving it...just to see how much I can save :) :) :) thanks for sharing with us :) :) Love and hugs to you and the rest of the Family Stubbs :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


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