Friday, October 8, 2010


Oh my...........the internet can really bug about you? Last night it was off and on and off and on. I was so excited to tell you some exciting news and also have a party.............well it didn't work and I couldn't up load pictures or anything.................soooo it will have to wait until tomorrow. Sooooooo sorry. I have some very very very exciting news to tell you and I just can't hardly wait............but I will have to. I think it is our router or something and we just haven't had the time to get a new one............maybe this weekend. ready........because we are going to party!!!!!!!!! Big time!!!!!!!!! I think you will like my news. Well it isn't that big........but it is to me.........and no it isn't that I get to stay HOME! Oh wouldn't that be wonderful? Maybe not........the Lord is amazingly working at work. One young Momma came up to me and said that she loved me..............that was a heart pumper!!!!!!!! I love her also and want her so bad to know my JESUS! Pray for her please.

Hugs sweet ladies..........wish I had the surprise today............but there must be a reason!

Oh don't forget to download the Winter Thyme Stitchery if you haven't already! If you have a problem with the blue instruction page........we will fix it next weekend. It isn't coming through for some sorry. I will make it right for you! Just let me know.

Have a wonderful Friday and know that you have been loved on before the Father! I prayed!

Hugs from my FARM to your HOME! Are the leaves changing at your place? Leave me a note! makes my day smile!



  1. The leaves are just starting to change here. So looking forward to it though.

  2. Blessings to you today sweet Linda! Praying for that little Momma at your work.


  3. Good morning my dear Linda... Now we r all in anticipation! U r always so thoughtful! Yes, the leaves r definitely changing here in Iowa. I do have some pretty pictures on my blog.

    Have a blessed day ..I M praying for you too!
    Xoxo Gert

  4. Good Morning Linda and Family,
    The leaves are not really changing yet but will soon. It was 47* this morning though! I love that. I'm praying for you all. Have a blessed day and weekend.

  5. I LOVE surprises! Can't wait to see what it is!

    The leaves are not really changing here in Lancaster County, PA, at least not in my neighborhood! If they are, it's very subtle.

    I said a prayer for your friend to find her way to salvation in Jesus Christ our Lord! How fortunate she is to have you in her world, setting the example and sharing the love of Christ with her! It's not a coincidence, that's for sure, He knows what He is doing in our lives!

    Have a lovely day! YAY!!! It's FrIdAy!!!

  6. I stumbled onto yo last week, and have been in Love ever since. Your page is so comforting. The colors the pics, the fonts and your sweet words.

    Thank you for those darling Stitchery's. Can not wait to get started. Thought they would be cute in a window frame.

    The leaves in Idaho have started to change, and my sweet trees out my back door are falling fast.

    Hope you have another super day, and cant wait for your BIG news.

  7. I am so excited to see the very beginning of the leaves changing. It's always kind of bittersweet (no pun intended!) for me, I love to see all the beautiful Fall colors, but just a little sad to say goodbye to summer with all its beauty! Have a great FRIDAY!!!

  8. Our early trees have changed color. Now we are waiting for the apple, olive and lilacs to change. Often we get an early frost which will brown everything up and then the wind blows it all off but I look forward to autumn.

  9. Well now we all of have something to look forward to tomorrow, how exciting! There are a few leaves changing here, they will eventually, it just takes longer in this part of Texas. Hope that Sophie, Miss Clarice and the rest of the family is well. Blessings!

  10. Linda,
    Thank you so much for "Winter Thyme" - I haven't started any of the stitching yet, but I've saved them all. I'd love to see more next year! Thank you for being an encouragement and blessing to others!

    Hugs from Colorado, Katie

  11. I am reading this after a hectic day at the courthouse as a prospective nice to ready about the surprise.....can't wait!

  12. Well goodness, sure know how to build suspense! I've missed you!!! God bless your weekend home on the farm~ I know it will be filled with beauty and peace.
    Much love~

  13. Thank You for the adorable stitchery, I am having trouble printing the Winter Thyme though :( I am only missing one of the four seasons and the problem one above. I so love your blog! It is so refreshing at the end of a busy day, Thank You and God Bless.

    Patricia from Utah


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