Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A New Baby On the Farm........not doing well

Here is our new addition to the Stubbs Family! She is Little Girl for right now. Hasn't been named by the grandkids yet.

Checking back in......it is noon Wed. She is at the vet........not doing well. Please keep praying. Thank you ladies soooooo much!

A note on the progress this morning (Wed. Morning)Good Morning.........we are quite the sight this morning! Feeding Little Girl in the kitchen and Sophie her bottle! Little Girl made a turn in the middle of the night! She was doing so bad when I went to bed. Mr. Phil came in around 11 a.m.and said she wasn't probably going to make it! Then about 11:30 and midnight she started doing better but I didn't know that until this morning. I hated to even get out of bed this morning............when I woke up this morning Mr Phil said she was amazingly doing better!!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD! She is standing right now as I speak........ON HER OWN! Thank you sweet ladies in our life.......... that are praying! We are so totally grateful.

Hello everyone........it is late on Tues. night, but I wanted to ask for prayer for a new little girl calf that was born on Sunday in the early evening. We had our middle son and family out on Sunday afternoon. They left to go home.........but wanted to check on the cows south of our farm. When they got down there they saw that their other Momma cow had her baby. She is adorable and very small. Only about 60 pounds Mr. Phil thought. Anyway we brought Momma and baby up to our farm into the horse corral on Monday. Today we noticed after we got home from work that the little girl calf wasn't doing so well. Our youngest son went and bought a bottle and Colostrum Supplement to see if she would take it. She did.........course we were praying that she would!!!!! Big Time! Mr. Phil and I had to go into work at the fence site for a few hours and when we got back home to check on her......her Momma was standing over her and Little Girl wasn't doing so well. You guessed it........Mr. Phil picked her up and brought her in the kitchen. Now we need a miracle Mr. Phil said..........we are asking........she is so precious.......life is hard living on a farm............you get so attacked so fast to your animals. Tay will take night duty for us..........we have to go to work early in the morning!

Feel like life is drama sometimes! I am sure you all feel the same. That is life..huh?

Please pray for her. She is sleeping right now. We so want her to live. We thank you so much for always listening to our stories and praying for our animals! If you ever need us to pray for yours.............we will.

For those who wonder about Sophie our little kitty that almost died???? She is so healthy and a roly poly kitten. I thought you would like to see a few pictures of her.

I have a special friend named Anne........her family is really needing a house.........the house they rented is not available anymore......please pray that God would meet their needs. Anne.......God has not left you..........because His Word says He won't!!!!!!! Listen to truth.........He has a plan and you are in it!

GOD IS GOOD! All the TIME! I am so thankful that He is in CHARGE or Life!

Hugs from the Farm to your HOME.



  1. Hi Linda,
    Oh my gosh--what precious pictures!!! You have such an awesome life with all your wonderful furry friends...I love that little kitty!! And what a miracle to see birth at your farm...it is amazing!!!
    Sending love & hugs,

  2. Prayers are being sent for your Lil one.. all creatures great and small, God loves them all!

  3. I will pray for your calf and hope she will get better quick!!!

  4. Thank you girls...........I am off to bed and just checked on Little Girl....it is sad........I am really asking for help here! Thank you that you are joining me! You are such sweeties!

    Hugs, Linda

  5. I too am praying for your calf, I pray God gives her the strength to survive, she's so beautiful. Love that little kitty, cute bundle of fluff!!

  6. I will be praying for your calf! She looks so precious! I hope she is better in the morning!

  7. So happy to hear baby calf is on her feet. Always a good sign.
    Lot that kittie, Love calico's

  8. I'm so happy all is well, this calf needs a strong name!

  9. So glad things have worked out. Thoses calves are just so darn cute.

  10. I didn't check in til this morning but glad the picture is looking a little rosier for your calf. Hope all goes well. That little kitty is a cutie.

  11. I am so glad to hear that your little calf is doing better. I don't know if I could live on a farm. I get so attached to animals and I know that I would just be a wreck anytime something happened. You little kitten is so cute!

  12. Hi...........baby is at the vet.....not doing well.........please pray!!!!! Thank you for the prayers already!!!!Hugs, me

  13. Oh my dear Linda..I have been praying for your baby calf since I read about her this morning. I know it is so hard when you have animals on the farm. We must put her in the hands of our Lord.

    Love the pictures of Sophie, she is such a cute little kitty....

    Hope you are having a blessed day.
    ((hugs)) Gert

  14. Praying for your calf and wanting to let you know how much we love our clothespin bag! It makes me smile when I go to hang up laundry :)
    You do excellent work!

  15. Praying for Glory( beautiful calf)and want to squeeze little Sophie! kisses for the babies...

  16. Linda.....I'm glad Little Girl seems to be doing better :) :) :) It's alwys hard when little oens are sick...even the four-legged ones :) :) I'll keep praying that she becomes healthy soon...and that God will hel you all pick out just the right name for her.

    Oh, Sophie is just too cute for words..and she does look roly poly cute!!!!

    I'll be praying for Anne. I've been following her blog and the situation as she posts about it!!! Thank you!!1

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  17. Hi Linda, praying all goes well with the little calf and Anne's situation. The Lord loves to save the weak and vulnerable! His love shines through you!!

  18. Baby Girl is adorable ... I pray that she is recovering. Little Sophie is a roly poly :) I adore kittens.
    I will pray for Ann that she finds a place to live.

  19. I saw the little calf in a thumbnail picture at Trish's blog (Angel Wings and Apron Strings), and I just had to come over and read about it! I just adore animals of most varieties...

    I hope the little calf makes it through... it blesses my heart so much to see animals that are loved. There are too many in this world that are neglected or abused. I loved seeing your pictures. All of them...

    Blessings to you and nice to *meet* you!

  20. WHEW! What a whirlwind! Praying, praying, praying for those babies. Keep us informed.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  21. I am so glad to hear you girl is doing better!

  22. So glad to hear the news! On Sunday we had a very painful death here on the farm...I'm surprised at how hard I'm taking it. Wish I could turn the clock back a few days. Love you, friend~

  23. So happy she is doing better. I would love to have a calf to raise as a pet. Will continue to pray for her. Jennifer

  24. I will pray for all your requests. Yes life is a drama!

  25. I will come back Sunday to catch up. I appreciate you Linda, you are like another sister to me! I thank you for all your kindness toward me and my phamily. Blessings to you and I am praying for the calf and Miss Sophie. That kitty is sweet as can be! I hope the calf pulls through and we trust God don't we Linda? He is always in control. I am going to stamp that on my hand and my forehead! I love you sis! Anne


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