Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We Have A Winner!!!!!!

Dear Sweet Ladies.............

Thank you soooooo much for the fun party. I have loved reading all of your sweetness and your memories of why it is your CHRISTmas Cookie..

How fun it was to have all you precious ladies at our Prairie Flower Farm Giveaway Party! You make our parties so much fun! I have been getting more recipes for our Prairie Flower Farm Cookie Cookbook. Please please!!!!!! send me a recipe even if you don't have a picture! I will make them up and take one, if you don't have time! I think this will be so nice for the holidays. If you have a little memory about a CHRISTmas and the cookie.........write that also.

I will wait until the end of October!

I am on break at work and had my boss pick the winner!

Homespun Snowman Cookie Recipe is HERE!

Create and Decorate are at the stores now or get a subscription from them!

Thank you to Create and Decorate for the opportunity for all the fun of getting 2nd place!!!

Okay.........the winner for the magazine and cookie is...........

Tracy Suzanne

she said:

Oh' Linda, I'm so excited for you!!! Not only does it look delicious, it's just the cutest thing. I love your design. I can't even draw a circle or stick figure and make it look cute. You're are so much more than that.

My favorite cookie is more like a pastry, hence the name Pecan Pastries. I think I'll try to post the recipe now that you've made me think of it.

Thanks for sharing your good news and goodies with us.

Be Blessed....Tracy :)

Her blog is:

I will be getting a hold of you Tracy after work! Thank you for your sweetness.

Hugs from the college kitchen,



  1. Congrats, Tracy!! Linda, I am going to look for the magazine. And of course I will have to tell everyone that I have a friend who is in this magazine :) You're famous! Congrats again to you! -Tammy

  2. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to you Tracy!!!! Thank you Linda for sharing and giving us all the opportunity to join in on the fun...Have a blessed week in the Lord..and what fun to include your boss in the drawing...

  3. Congratulations, Tracy! What a treat!

    Linda, thank you for hosting another fun contest and because of the CHRISTmas Cookie Cookbook, we are all winners!!!

    Our fall break started today, so I have the grands who are normally in public school, along with the regulars. We are going to make some cute little pumpkins for a craft and popcorn balls for their afternoon treat. Right now they are outside running off some of that energy!!! Yea!


  4. Congratulations Tracy. What a great surprise!

  5. Linda, would you consider adding a section to the CHRISTMAS Cookie Cookbook for our young cooks? I know my granddaughters would love it!!

    One of the grands and I made popcorn balls today. Such wonderful fun.


  6. Congratulations Tracy on winning the giveaway :) :) :) That's so exciting. You will really enjoy your prize ;) :) I stopped by your blog and left a comment there, too :) :)

    Linda...you are so cool...it's rare that I find a magazine that is front-to-back cover good...and "Create and Decorate" falls into that category. So good in fact, that I decided to subscribe and follow their magazine on Facebook :) :) Thank you...

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. Oh' Linda, you are so sweet. You made me cry. Thank you for making me feel so special in to both you and God!

    I'm not sure I understand though. Did I totally mess you up and cause you to have two giveaways. OOP's, I am so sorry if I did. I do hope the next winner feels as blessed as I do. Thank you for looking at it like a blessing instead of hollering at me.

    Be blessed Sweet friend. Lots of love, Tracy

    BTW - I look like a nut cause I'm doing the happy dance! ha-ha.


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