Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Special Trip.......It Was Wonderful!

Hello Sweet Ladies......

Our family tries to go to Late Night ever year. We love the excitement that KU does to get all the fans all excited for the season. The night was sooooo fun. While the kids all stand in line my honey Phil takes me down town shopping. I have 4 favorite stores. Now I have 5......I will tell you about the 5th one tomorrow. So my first stop is always the Winfield House. We drove up to the backside where we always park. It was EMPTY! Oh NO! I was so sad. Phil said there is a sign so he went to read it. They had moved. Now I couldn't imagine how another shop could be as neat as the one they had always been in for years. Oh my.........was I wrong.

Now first before I tell you about the store. We have to park a little ways from the store. Everyone and their brother was in Lawrence this weekend! I get out and start to walk and my Phil is just a little ways behind me. I notice three young men coming our way. My honey said, "Hi Guys, Can't wait to see you tonight. They are right by me and I look up to Marcus Morris, Elijah Johnson, Tyshawn Taylor who are three of the KU basketball players. Now I thought our girls are going to freak! They pray for the KU guys and they will ask if we got pictures. It was a fun time for my Phil. The young men spent some time talking to him........not me........I head straight for the store. This is what I saw..............

This is one of my favorite stores!!!!! The people are so
friendly. My Phil and the owners always talk about hunting.......good thing..........keeps him busy........and I can walk around and dream. I don't buy that much..........but I just love their style........and how they put the store together! BEAUTIFUL to the eye! They have a new designer....... Christine Brady........she will come and help those of you who live up in the area.... decorate your HOME. She is really a sweetie! You can tell her I said so!

The address is 647 Mass. St. Lawrence KS 66044
785 842 6000

CHRISTmas Open House Nov. 6th
Fall Home Tour Nov. 7th

Look them won't be disappointed.

This is what you would see....... if you walked through the front door.

I make a beeline to the dishes!!!!!!! I just love the bowls!

The dishes are my favorite spot!!!!!!!!!! I have always loved the bowls by Signature. Well really everything they make. There are three sizes in the colors Cranberry Red, Green, Mustard and Creamy White. I am not sure if that is what the colors are called, but that is what I would call them. As you can see they have everything. Dinner Plates, Salad Plates, Cups, Pitchers, Salt and Pepper Sakers, Canisters, Teapots.......everything! They are my favorite!!!!!! I only have the bowls..........would love some other pieces some day! I use mine a lot for the holidays!!!!

Our Momma Jo, (my Phil's Momma) would have loved these plates. She is with Jesus.....but whenever we see a cardinal........we think of her! The red plate is the large Signature plate. See the beautiful design?

Ooooo another bed! Look at this.......... the layering! They do it perfectly!

Thought these were cute blocks! See the little birdie with the hat?

I bought a little bundle of these little berry balls. I thought they were adorable. Not sure what I will do with them.......but at least I will have them! I will show you when I do find something!

Look at those RED QUILTS..........they have matching sheets and pillow shams. Oh my.......... if I had lots of money!

Thought the Let It Snow was so cute up on the top! And you can see all the beddings. Plain one color quilts to match..........BEAUTIMUS!!!!!!! I know that is not a word......but I like it! Probably isn't spelled right either. Oh well.

Another BED! RED!!!!!!!! My kind of color! Isn't that so pretty? Snowflake pillow!

Pretty? I really like trees!

They have a lot more room at their new place and had bedroom sets through out the store.......LOVELY! Cute ideas on how to decorate I think. They even had couch and chairs.......tables all through out the store. So pretty!

As some of you know I have a Winter Snowman Party for my Grandchildren every year during the CHRISTmas break. I bought the iceskating plate. They will love it..........I always cover the plates with goodies and then they have to guess what is underneath! My Momma always played that game with my siblings and myself. em!

This said, "I will Honor CHRISTmas in my heart.....and try to Keep it all the Year!I want to Honor Jesus Allllllllll Year long also!

Sooooooo I hope you liked my first post about our trip. It was so restful for our family! I don't know that we needed it.......but it was a gift..........from our Heavenly Father and we loved it!

Did you see anything you liked? Tell me and I will peek at my computer on breaks at work and see what it was!





We are going to make up a Prairie Flower Farm Cookie Cookbook of all the cookies if you want to send your favorite CHRISTmas Cookie to me.

Email me even if you haven't joined the party! I will make it pretty! It will be a
FREE download!


Love you all very much! Hugs from the FARM to your HOME!



  1. well golly gee wiz gobstoppers, that place is amazing! i'd have a real hard time leaving! oodles of ideas, details to dream about and so much more. what a fun time!

    love the cardinal plate. my mother loves cardinals and my daughter used to say, "it is not a bird." she was 3 at the time.

    thank you for sharing such an adventure!


  2. You are welcome sweet pea! Loved your note today..........really loved it! Thank blessed me......a lot!
    Sleep tight!

  3. What a beautiful store! It would be so lovely to have a store like that locally to get all kinds of ideas for decorating :-) What fun!

  4. does the store have a website? I love your pictures of the calf and Miss. Sophie.

  5. Linda,
    As soon as I found your blog a couple of years back, I knew we were cut out of the same cloth :) I loved your little post on Winfield House - it has long since been one of my favorites & I have loved working with them over the years. I love the way they inspire me to make my home welcoming & "homey". I do hope your next post is on Locust Street Marketplace :) I've been friends with the "Amy's" who own it for years & they are both amazing gals! They both love the Lord & love serving people. I love their "down-to-earth" approach & the way they help so many to decorate their homes beautifully & affordably.

    Glad you had a good weekend & yes, I'd love to meet you if you make it to Lawrence again :)


  6. Oh my gosh, Linda, what fun you must have had. I 'love' to go to stores like this to see all the decorations..the way they just know how to do it. Great ideas!!! And like you, I love to pick up an item or two also:) Just makes me feel special when I do that:)

    Have a blessed day...oh yes and I sent you my cookie recipe!! Can't wait..this should be wonderful!!

    xoxo Gert

  7. What a store, wish we had one close to us. Thanks for sharing pictures. Have a great day!

  8. Autumn Greetings!!
    Thank you Linda for the wonderful narration of your recent trip to Lawrence. I felt like I was traveling with you! Similar crowds this past weekend here in Fort Collins--CSU's homecomming!
    I just loved the pictures of one of the stores you visited! I also have an affinity for the color red. Looking at your pictures, I recognized several things that are found in my home, namely the Signature plates, bowls and platters in red and sage green. Very beautiful and strong (it's survived four years with a family of six, plus many college students we've had over).

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures and ponderings with your readers! You are such an inspiration and blessing!

    In Christ,
    Malinda @

  9. I'm so glad I got to window shop through you!
    I love the red quilts. Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to finish the rest of the trip! Blessings!

  10. I just forwarded this post to my mom, who lives about 30 minutes from Lawrence. I told her we needed to plan a visit during my visit home for thanksgiving.
    I loved the cardinal plates! (I miss seeing them now that I am in town.) The plates would look beautiful on my little table that I am restoring. I got a set of china at Salvation Army store waiting in the cabinet for the table. I hope to get it back together during Thanksgiving break but it will depend on the amount of homework I have. Can’t wait to see what other stores you know in Lawrence!

  11. I love those quilts and wish I could have been shopping with you! How exciting seeing your celebrity basketball players! I know how much you love those Jayhawks. I will tell you about Dr. Kilduff sometime and his love for them. He loves them so much he won't shake our hand at school conferences because we wear our Kentucky Wildcat garb just to get a rise out of him! Hee Hee! I am gad you had such fun! Blessings Anne

  12. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. The Winfield House is my kind of store. Loved all the beautiful Red bedding and the Christmas Picture frame. Looking forward to your next post. Maybe someday I will get to go to that store?? God Bless you and your family.

  13. What a lovely post Linda! LOVED all the photos!! I find that the people in your country really know how to decorate...sooooo beautimus! ;-) I think you spelled it right.

    Have a wonderful day!

  14. Wow Linda. I think I want to move into that store. It's so cozy and wintery looking. For some reason red has really become a favorite color of mine this year. And this store looks like you designed it. It goes so well with your blog! Thanks for sharing the fun with us.

    Hugs...Tracy :)


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