Tuesday, October 26, 2010

These Have To Be The Cutest Jars I Have Ever Seen!

Have you seen these? They are soooooo adorable! This is pint size......tinted green.......

cute cute cute!

Hello Sweet Ladies!!!! Thank you for the sweet comments. I so appreciate your comments........I check in on mini breaks at work and it just makes my day go faster!

As you know I am a jar freak! I don't know why..........I just love them though. I use them for everything.......... old clothes pins..... sewing items...........ribbon...........embroidery thread...........wire..........spools of twine.......glue sticks.........buttons........string..........lace.......... also I have taken wire and wrapped it around the top of the jar rim and then put a wire hanger and attack to each side of the wire. They are adorable when you put a votive or tea light candle in the inside. I'll try to make one up and show you. Other ideas I use my jars for are to put my soups.........jams..........canning foods and then use them for special times like fixing love baskets up for families in need or as a gift. I also like to use wide mouth pint jars for drinking glasses.....they are great for when I entertain outside! All that to tell you I found the cutest pint size canning jars seen up above! They are from Better Homes and Gardens. When I got home I opened the box to find the cutest jars ever......... and I just flipped (doesn't take much to get me excited). I took a picture outside hoping to let you see the green tint on them and a little red check lid and white ring............what do you think? Have you seen these?

Here is the box that the jars came in. You can find them at Wal-mart.

What would you use them for?

I love to give my grandchildren their own little pitchers for their milk when they eat cereal at night time when they stay at our farm. They love to pour their own milk.................I think these will work perfect!

This evening (Tuesday) I actually stayed home and sewed on orders.......it felt so good. It always relaxes me to sit and stitch or sew on the sewing machine. Are any of you getting CHRISTmas gifts going? If you have something I would like to hear your ideas.

I was able to pick out the fabric for the Winter All Year Long Mini Quilt Fabric. The colors will go with the same color of the blocks. Red work with Red and so on. I have the quilt design done.........just need to sew it up. I wish my time was different so I could do all the things I used to do........I just have to be patient.....I am talking about me!

Thank you for your prayers......they are so appreciated! I feel like I have strength through the day that is not my own.

Hugs and blessings...........I trust all is well with you and your families. Praying for
you all every day!



  1. I love jars, too, Linda! (and boxes and baskets and....)
    I don't know what I would use them for just yet, but I am going to see if our Wal Mart has them tomorrow. The green jars with the red and white lids are perfect for Christmas gift giving!
    Can hardly wait to see your quilt! The fabrics you chose are perfect!
    Blessings sweet friend!

  2. So glad you stopped by........I hope you can find them. If you can't maybe Better Homes and Gardens sells them. They were 8.00 for 12...not bad!

    Thank you or coming by......you are a special friend! Hugs, Linda

  3. I love those little pint jars and what great ideas to do with them! You are so creative. I wish I could be your little shadow at your home and watch you create and make. Can't wait to see your quilt. I'm in awe of anyone who is a quilt maker!
    So happy your day went well with your co worker and your heart is lighter. You truly let your light shine by going to him. I'll bet you planted a wonderful seed. God will give the increase.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday....One day at a time....What in the world time are you going to work now? I thought it was quite early already!!

  4. These are adorable! I use jars all the time. Thanks for sharing your great find!

  5. We have to be there at 6 so we get up now at 5. UGH! I wish it wasn't so early......but we are so thankful for work........together. Can't complain......well very much! Funny......I want to be your shadow! Smile!

    Hope your precious Momma is doing well! Heart YOU and your love for the Lord!

  6. Love the jars, Linda. I would fill them with blackberry jelly for Christmas gifts. LOL But I always make blackberry jelly for Christmas gifts.

    Glad you had a pleasant evening. Can't wait to see the quilt.


  7. You should see them in real life Yvonne.......they really are very cute! I will be having a lot of fun with them. I bought 5 boxes! I don't want to run out.......smile!

    Hugs, Linda

  8. Hello Linda,,
    It's good to be able to stop by again..We have been sick for awhile now.. Flu Bug.. and I am a little behind...I keep seeing you thanking everyone for there prayers..so I hope all is well..I love the Jars..they are so cute...Now you know ALL of us are going to be running to our local Wal-Marts and buying up these jars... : )
    I look forward to being able to catch up..on things..
    I pray the rest of your week is Wonderful..
    In Christ

  9. Hello! I always get such a nice lift when I visit your blog. I saw those jars the other day and thought they were cute, but didn't even realize they were tinted green. Wish I had bought some, hopefully it's not too late.
    You are a blessing to so many, keep up the good works! Blesings!

  10. Good morning Linda, a few of the children have decided they are ready to wake up, so : ) I have a fire going in the wood stove, coffee brewing for me, and a bit of time to read some sharings from those I enjoy. I am glad all is going as God is leading for your family. Stay encouraged. Where do you find the fabric you posted? It is difficult to find pieces with patterns such as what you are using, close around me. May your day be full of the presence of God.
    In Joy,

  11. Love the jars and fabric, a double treat! :)

  12. I wish I'd seen those before I made so much blueberry jam. They are so pretty. Oh, well- there's always next year...always more canning!

  13. Happy Birthday to Tressa, what a blessing to have a godly girl! I hope ours turns out to be like Tressa. Love the jars and love the fabric. I really need to get going on the Christmas gifts. Maybe some chocolate sauce would be a good filler for the jars. Blessings!

  14. Hey Linda!
    Girl, thanks for showing us those Jars! Like you; I'm a jarjunkee too! Have been a collector of vintage and antique jars for years now. But when making cakes in jars n things I like to buy new ones. I'll pick up some of these next time I'm in town. Love that they're green! whooHoOoo!
    Happy birthday to your darlin girl.
    Is she ADORABLE or what?!!
    cutie patootie.
    Have a wonderful blessed good day!
    Holykisses xoxo

  15. I love these jars! I am forever savings thing sin clear jars, I have saved old glass jars for everything! These are so sweet. My hubby wants those jars you have because we juice and you can save the nutrients in those little canning jars! Hee Hee. I love the post Linda! Take care Anne

  16. I love those jars also. There is just something about a fancy empty jar, my brain wanders, dreaming of all the things I can fill them with and how I can present them as gifts to others. I also have to tell you I LOVE the fabric. The prints and colors are right up there with my favorites. Beautiful... Thank you for your daily posts. Every morning I look forward to having coffee with my new friend from the friendship swap and reading an updated post from you.

  17. You're right, those are the cutest jars ever. I love jars too. They did not have these in the Walmart here. Too bad. So sad.


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