Thursday, October 21, 2010

God So Loves To Bless Us!!!!!!

Hello Sweet Ladies..........

Thank you for all the new sign ups to our second Prairie Flower Farm Giveaway Party!!!!! I am glad that ladies are still coming to our party! Would love for you to sign up!!!!!!!

I told you I would tell you of some of the places that I went to on our little trip this last weekend. It was sooooo fun. When I was up in Lawrence I received a comment from a blogger friend Kelli from Each New Day........she told me about a place called Locust Street Marketplace. She said I would like and guess what............I DID! But there was a reason that Kelli told me to go to this know how God is always in the details. We drove over to LSM........when we got there it looked like it was closed. Asked the next door neighbor....... she said it was still open! My Phil was determined to see that I see this place. We had driven about 15 minutes! He is a hunter!

I walked in the front door............oh my! I was going to have fun here......just like Kelli told me I would!

Look at this adorable porch swing hanging from the ceiling!!!!! I love it!!!!!!

The shop has places all sectioned off as you walk through it. Wonderful antiques tucked everywhere!

When I came in the front door this was greeting me. It was a very long beautiful mirror. See the hangers on the bottom edge?

I have a weakness for old suitcases! I have been collecting them.......need a few more for what I want to do!

Isn't that Fresh Vegetables sign adorable?

See this little chair? I was able to buy it........I so wanted it for my little people who come to the farm. It is oak and the price was unreal!!!! I will strip it.........because the decal on the top of the chair is not what I want. I can't wait!

Thought this white wash shutter was so cute! If I had it I would hang it on my kitchen cupboard for a recipe holder.

Thought these old trunks would have made really neat coffee tables. My Momma always thought it was so funny that I liked really old things!!!!!

The Locust Street Marketplace has tons of room!!!!!!!!!
The two Amy's really do a wonderful job of decorating. If you ever can go.....
it is a must........I am sure you will find something to decorate with because the selection is wonderful!

Like..........a lot!

If you can imagine........this whole set was $49.50. It was a quilt.....sheets...... that were soooo soft.......and pillow shams. I wish I had more money you identify? The quilt was patchwork......very cute!

This white buffet was the cutest!! That little glass lamp..........I wish I would have seen it.
I love it!

Thought the window behind this looked so fun! I really like to decorate with windows.
Soooooo did you like?

Now I have to finish with the story...........we get in the store. We started talking with one of the owner's Amy Ballinger........she is from Nickerson, Kansas.........7 minutes from our home. The most precious Christian lady! She had my Phil's Momma for a teacher.......couldn't believe it! She looked at our girls and told them that she was the best teacher........what a blessing! Our girls were never able to meet their Grandma Jo!!!!!!!! That was frosting on top of the cake. I was able to hear about Amy's dreams..... to help foster parents and parents who have lost their children to foster car...........she dreams big..........she wants to help families. The Lord will direct her to make those dreams happen!

As I was walking around the shop I heard this...."Is that you Linda Stubbs?" Yikes who was that? There stood a girl who originally lived in our home town.i I had not seen her for quite some time. It was like a family reunion!!!!!!!! Talk about a divine appointment! Her Momma and sister were also there! It was so wonderful! Think of the odds of us meeting each other just at the right time........amazing!
A gift for us. Thank you Jesus....... I so appreciate your gifts!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour. If you ever get to Lawrence be sure to look up Locust St. is WONDERFUL! It is open Fridays and Saturdays from 9-6. If you go to the web page it will show you a map! As you can see Lawrence is a very fun place to go to! Not only is it the home of the Jayhawks.......but a lot of fun places to go also!

Hope the pictures give you some ideas........would love to hear what you think~

Hugs from the FARM to your HOME!



  1. What a fun day for you Linda....FULL of blessings!


  2. So many lovely things!!! Glad you had such an amazing day. It really is a small world sometimes.


  3. Isn't the world a small place? Running into a hometown friend. My Goodness! God keeps His promise to us whether we like it or not keeping us just where He needs us. I wish I could go shopping with you. I am always needing more money. But a girl can dream and dream big can't she? I am having my one year blogaversary November 1st. I plan to draw all my giveaways that have been sitting idle because of chaos here. But today God was very good to me. I just prayed continually. It felt so good and my heart was light! Blessings to you and Happy weekend! Congrats to that first lucky lady! Anne

  4. Isn't it AWESOME when these kinds of things happen??? I say AWESOME because it IS God who is at work behind the scenes and connecting the dots of our lives---and HE is AWESOME. The shop looks like a truly "precious" place. I think there is "story" behind the treasures of the past that pull us in and speak of simpler days...

  5. Hello Sweet Ladies, I am HOME now and just loving my 2 1/2 days of my weekend!!!!!!!!!

    Yes Gail it was a wonderful day! I saw so many adorable things.....course I left most of them there for someone else! I did get some fun ideas though........hope you have a great weekend! Thank you for leaving a comment!

    Hi Cheryl.......yes I agree with you! I could not believe the timing! Perfect! Hope your weekend is a blessed one!

    Hello Anne.......I wish I could go with you also. Maybe one day! It would be so fun if Heaven had! Hope your house situation is looking up!!!!!! Think of you often!

    Hi Becky......yes I you remember Kim Ashley.....used to be Diane Mosier's daughter? That is who I ran into! Pretty precious of the Lord to do that for just the right time.

    Hugs and thank you so for leaving a comment and you also have a wonderful weekend, Linda

  6. Thank you Linda, for sharing with us. What a fun weekend, God is good, he does amazing things! I really look forward to your post everyday, it brightens my heart! Hugs, Brenda

  7. What a wonderful blessing!! I love hearing these stories. I was never able to meet my husband's grandfather but I always love hearing stories from people who were blessed by his life and ministry. It helps me to feel I somehow knew him too. I think your girls must have had that feeling when they heard about their grandmother from a loving fan.

    And your pictures of this store are so pretty!!! I would love to visit and be inspired.


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