Monday, October 11, 2010

A Different Kinda Of Evening!

This is a monster sweet potato!!!!!! I am not sure what it weighs but it is very heavy and measures 7" x 7". We have only dug up 3 plants and haven't found all the potatoes even on those. The color is a beautiful rose color. Not like the ones we got last year. We have so many more to dig...............can't think about it tonight!

Dear Sweeties,

It is getting late....but I wanted to tell you about our evening to night.......... it was quit eventful to say the least. Our youngest son was going to try to load up two of the steers. He thought he could do it by himself. He got two in and was driving to our farm and we were just leaving to go work on the fence we are building .....remember where we built the first one? We noticed one of the steers going out the back of the trailer.......oops!.......our son was slowing down to talk with us and didn't know that he fell out. So good that he wasn't going fast or the steer would have been hamburger. It looked a little comical. Son.......Dad........Mom........sister.......her horse...........and the Lord ...........that silly steer walked right back into the horse trailor after running us up and down the the field. Not kidding........I started praying out loud and he was kind of penned by us and he got climbed right up into the trailer. It was amazing...........we gave THANKS!

Last night we went down to the pasture........because the second momma cow had her little baby calf. She is so tiny. I didn't get any pic's but when I do I will put one up. Her momma has her pretty protected when ever we try to get close to the baby. The baby comes to our knees when she stands. Very sweet!

Look at this thing! Taylor's hand next to it. So big!!!!!!!

This was one sweet potato plant.....7 potatoes all together. Each of these were about 5" wide and 6" long. HUGE!

Here was our pile on the first 3 plants. You could use one on some of them and feed
our whole family. We can't wait to see what we will get out of the two rows.

Also on Sunday I went out to see the tomatoes in the garden...........they have tons of large green tomatoes still growing. We planted 40 bushes and they all have tomatoes still growing. WE wil bring them in and they will ripen during the winter months for us. We have done it every year and they do wonderful! Just have to keep them a little cool. Tressa always makes Green is so good on crackers. I ill have to put up the recipe. Do you have any produce left or are you putting anything up? Would love to hear!

Well I am off to tired tonight! Please sign up for the Party, if you haven't already!!!!!!!. Would love to have you! . Click here to go to the post.

Hugs from the Farm to your HOME!

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  1. The sweet potato looks big enough that it might have been forgotten from another crop! ~Violet~

  2. Wow! what a big sweet potato, Linda. You have been blessed with your potatoes this year, and the tomatoes.
    The story of the steer coming out of the trailer is cute and scary too. I am so glad you all with the Lords help got in back in.
    Have a good nights rest. I always enjoy reading of your day.

  3. That sweet potato is so big. Any contests you can enter it into? I read the steer tale to my hubby and he got a good laugh out of it. We work camped on a Hobby Farm one summer and helped to put a bull into a trailer and it was a fiasco. Took hours and Bucky really ran us all ragged. Wish he had just walked

  4. PTL, no one (even the steer) was hurt!!!

    We started digging sweet potatoes yesterday, also. So far only regular size, but several under each vine. Also, started gathering in the pears during the afternoon. The tree is filled to overflowing.

    From the garden we are still getting a few peas, some okra, peppers, egg plant and tomatoes. Our tomatoes and pepper plants look better now than they have all summer.

    Have a blessed day, Linda!

  5. So when I first saw the picture of your huge sweet potato, the first thing I thought was that it is shaped like a heart! A real heart, especially with all the "veins" coming out of it! Haha!

    We have been putting up tomato juice. We used up all our tomatoes and our plants are done producing here. I wanted to buy more tomatoes from farmer's market, but it's already over here! Sad!

  6. most of our garden is already canned or dried and put away..we did plant two tomato plants to see if we'd get any this winter as our winters are mild time will tell...they are growing now well and its been fairly warm..
    what amazing sweet potatoes! wow..think of how many they could feed..maybe an end to world hunger???

  7. Wow...those sweet potatoes are gigantic...they look great though...I wonder why they turned out so big this year? God's blessing...that's all I can say. Oh , remember I don't know a lot about do you know how many "sweet 'taters" are attached to each plant? I w ould have no truly curious about that :) :) :)

    Some of my co-workers have been growing tomato plants. Last time I went out to the local Grange with friends, there were all sorts of different tomato starts. One of my friend's bought a green zebra tomato plant. It's a green tomato with dark green striping similar to a zebra. She said it didn't produce much this year...but she did give me a couple to give to my dad. He loved them!!!

    Have a great week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  8. Oh my dear Linda.. What a busy life you lead..Glad your steer is okay, what a scary thing to happen. When I read it, I feared the worse!!! Praise God!!

    And oh my...I can't believe all those sweet potatoes, what will you do with them?? Can them?? Freeze them?? Give some away?? (which I'm sure you will do...)

    Hope you had a blessed day...
    xoxo Gert

  9. I love sweet potatoes! But that steer story is cracking me up! God was watching out for all of you last night Linda! Your family is so interesting. I can see all of you running up and down the road with that steer! HeeHee You made me smile so H U G E! Thanks and God Bless You all. Anne


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