Friday, October 15, 2010

Mini Vacation! Can't wait!!!!!!!


We are so excited around here on Prairie Flower calf who's name is Storm by some and Little Girl by others (myself ) is doing fantastic and with Momma Cow all through the day now and we are off to go on a mini vacation. Can't wait!!!!!!! A little shopping for Momma..........a few quilt stores........a favorite gift store where I get my bowls........and a yarn store......that should keep this farm girl quite happy for a long while! The girls.. me included......Mr. Phil and our son's family are all going to the KU Late night! Much needed break for the family! I will be stitchin allllllll the way there with nooooooo interruptions. YES! I will check in and see if anyone will comment at every internet service! So stop and say hello and tell me what you get to do this weekend!

Sooooooo today I am going to show you what my little bakery at the college looks like away from my REAL HOME!

ONe more thing......thank you again so much for praying for our families needs.......I am praying for yours........was on bended knee this morning.......trusting that our God is showing you in little ways how much He cares for you all!!!!!!!! Me too! HE is so close even when we don't feel it!

I bought this set of bowls.............they add a lot of cuteness I think! I can't have flowers so I use pumpkins and fruit to make it look pretty!

I like this! My sweetie in the backgound.........get peeks of him all throughout the day. Makes my heart do HIM!

See my Gooseberry Books? I have all my other's at HOME..........but bring in new ones all the time for new recipes...........they are wonderful. Also have my Autumn.... Susan Branch for fun little tips.

Here are all my spices...........I brought from my HOME my antique honey jars and mason jars to put the spices and cooking needs in the. I have everything at my finger tips, because the pace at work can me very demanding at times. I have to have everything labeled. The Law.

Reminds me throughout the day to PRAY for my sweetie friends........that's you in case you were wondering!

This little sayings says "Wherever you go....bring your own Sunshine".......I think

I brought my recipes in my big basket to makes me feel like HOME!

Look at the size of my muffin tins!

These are my cookie sheets................makes 3 dozen per pan!

JUst a few things that shows you what it is like for me and what I look at alllllll day long!

I like my little kitchen better.........but I have tried to make the bakery........ the girl's and my little space a little like Home! I like it!

Hugs from my FARM to YOUR HOME

Have a fun weekend and I will check in with you to see if you left me a message!


  1. Good Morning Linda and Family,
    I'm so glad that you get family time together today. I'm leaving work early today and heading to Ft. Worth to see our two sons and their families. Then hopefully on Monday, my hubby and I can travel to see our new grandson. Our daughter and SIL adopted YESTERDAY! Because plans had already been made to travel first to Ft. Worth, I can't change those. But this will give them time to settle in and Jack time to finish plowing. We are very anxious to meet him though.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Oh Regina........hwo precious!!!! A new baby.......nothing like them. and the fact they adopeted.........what wonderful news. I love babies! Sat for hours when mine were little........did little housework......the time goes so fast!

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    This is my first McDonald stop! thanks for writing.Me

  3. Have a wonderful mini vacation! Just love what you did in the kitchen at work, makes it seem much more homey. On Saturday we will go to visit some close friends that live about two hours away. Will be nice to catch up. Us girls will be visiting a couple of quilt shops in her area.

  4. Looks like you've put your stamp on things at work. Every little bit helps. Love the stacks of pans too. Thanks for praying for us, I'll be praying for you and yours as well. Happy mini vacation!

  5. Hi Linda~
    So glad you get to get away with your family! A little time alone together is always good!
    Your *Big Kitchen* looks great ~ so homey yet very organized! Arranged so neatly with lovely touches like the fruit and pumpkins, and the red checkered shelf lining (just like here on your blog!) to see and remind you of being back at home and with loved ones ~ and the best part ~ you get to see those loved ones throughout the day! Love that you got a shot of your hubby in the photo!
    Enjoy your weekend together!
    Be Blessed!

  6. Hi Linda, I enjoy your blog so much!! Every day it blesses me! Brenda and I are beginning ours. We are learning this computer stuff, but have a ways to go yet. LOL!! God Bless your day!! Linda here in Wichita

  7. I'm glad the baby calf is able to stay with her mama. A man that's a blessing. I think you make a sweet home where ever you are. This weekend we are going to my first blogger Brunch held by Penny at I'm so excited to meet some of the ladies that I have been visiting for some time. Have a safe and blessed weekend.

  8. Oh..Linda I can't be MORE HAPPY for you and your SWEET family...What a Special Gift for the Lord to Give you...This Precious Little Mini VACATION..May The Lord SLOW the SANDS of TIME...and May your heart REST and be Refilled unto HIM...during this SWEET time...The GIFTS of the LORD truly are GREAT...

    Our Weekend will be filled with CHICKEN SOUP and Lots of we fight off this Cold going around our home... : )but with much I have my Husband by my side...He always makes things SOOOO...Much better...and that's just simply..Me being able to set my eyes upon him....I am truly blessed with whom the Lord Picked for me...

    Have a GLORIOUS weekend in the He has surronded you with your Family..

    Much Love
    In Christ

  9. Another time to stop and hook up to the internet!!!!!!!!!

    I feel so silly doing this, but it is fun to check in to see if anyone has left a love note!!!!!!!!

    Hi Cheryl, Lori, Love the Decor, Lady Farmer, Linda in Wichita, Donna and Pioneer Beauty!!!!!!!!!! Thankj you sooooo for writing me. I only have a minute to just say that.......but I will read your notes now!

    Bye.........Linda Hugs!!!!!!!!!

  10. Loved seeing your work bakery and how you have things fixed up. Have a great vacation!

  11. Linda,
    I loved the tour of the college's kitchen. You know how to make things homey. Would you show us a tour of your kitchen at home sometime? I'd be very interested where you organize things, how you've decorated it and just everything.
    Enjoy your mini vacation! Show us what you bought when you get back.

    So glad to hear the calf is doing great. How is your precious friend Clarice doing?

    Blessings, Michelle

  12. Did you do the lids on your mason jars? I'm thinking they are zink lids that have been painted? I have 3 boxes of them, now I know what to do with them!

  13. So glad to hear all the great news, the calf, your vacation and the photos are lovely! I haven't forgotten you, been dealing with health issues, but all is well. I'm leading a ladies bible study, Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild, it's a great study. Enjoy your wonderful long weekend. Love, jeannie

  14. Enjoy your fun mini-vacay! Sounds like a great time to dive into some shopping! I love how you've brought some home into your work. Gooseberry Patch cookbooks are my very favorite too!

  15. Have a wonderful mini vacation! Enjoyed seeing the pictures of your bakery! Wow! I made gingerbread this afternoon from one of the Gooseberry Patch books. It smells so good--haven't cut it yet.

  16. The way you've made your work stations more personal is VERY InSPirAtIoNaL! Glad you can get away and SHOP.

    Tomorrow I will speak at two sessions of a Ladies' Day at a church not too far from me. The topic is SIMPLICITY. I have prepared the best I know how. Pray that I will be an encouragement to God's daughters to choose the "One thing needful" and simplify their lifestyles to make time and place in home and personal life for Jesus.

  17. Love all your Photos you share, have wonderful
    Mini Vacation.. Again your Blog is sooo Refeshing with uplift in the Spirit,Thanks for
    all your lovely sharing...

    Many Blessings

  18. Linda, your work space/bakery look awesome. I think you take a little bit of home with you, wherever you go! You can't help it, home follows you just as Goodness and Mercy do.;)

    Glad the calf is doing well.

    Have a wonderful time with the family!

    Blessings & hugs,

  19. HI Linda...I just got home from work today. My team won a really nice prize...each of us got a cute basket filled with goodies...
    I'll write more later...but I saw the Susan Branch bunch and it made my heart skip a beat. I used to have some of her books...and I"m not sure what happened to them. ...but I really love them...full of fun sweet things to do for others...and the artwork is super cute...Oh, LOVE all the photos today...very nice!!! You are making that kitchen look so lovely...You are going to make that kitchen a haven!!!! Have fun on your mini vacation...Love and hugs to you and the family Stubbs from Oregon, Heather :)

  20. Linda, I love all the "Home" touches you have added to the kitchen. Just wonderful, and I so understand that feeling of bringing touches of home to work to make us feel more at home. It helps!! You have a wonderful, blessed mini vacation with your family... it's definitely well-deserved :) Hugs, Tammy

  21. Oh my dear Linda,

    Glad your calf is doing so well. (God is good...~smile~)

    Thank you so much for taking us into your workplace! You have made it so homey.. Boy would I have loved to have worked with you:)

    Have a wonderful vacation...and weekend!

    xoxo Gert

  22. Have a GREAT lil' vacation.....and ENJOY the "Moments"!!!

    We got home last night, after a few days in NC, with daughter & family there. Then to Georgia, to visit David's Sister & her family....and to meet up with his Kansas Brother & his wife (who had been to a Wedding, in Alabama).....then the four of us continued on, to Gatlinburg, TN....spent 3 nights, in a cabin......had Wonderful time wandering around & seeing the sights & all too............then they headed home to Kansas....and we headed back to Ohio! Was grand!! Miss everyone terribly tho....

    So this will be a weekend of catching up around the house, and Church Sunday. Maybe a lil' crafty stuff for me Sunday afternoon tho!! :)

    Oh....and loved the tour of your Kitchen at work!! It does feel very "Homey"!! You have such a touch of "Specialness" in all you do!!

    Hugs & Blessings!!!

    Lori :)

  23. Hi sweet Linda,
    I'm so happy that you and your precious family get to get away and have some QUALITY time together...sometimes being in a car can actually be very good for us! HA! Hoping you have a very relaxing time and can not think about anything but each other and the good Lord as I know you will.
    Please say a prayer as my family is driving to OKC to pick up my momma to bring her home. She will move into a very nice Assisted Living Home Saturday night. We are hoping it all goes well. Long day of driving for her and with the Alzheimers we know it will be hard adjustment. I know you understand all this with your momma as well and I appreciate your prayers and thoughts. You are a very comforting person.
    God bless you and your family. Have a safe and enjoyable time.
    Can't wait to hear about your trip.

  24. What a lovely post Linda! I *love* your little "pray" sign and the collection of spice jars you sweet! What a lot of pans for you to fill at the bakery!! I'm sure you are doing a fabulous job!!

    AND...I'm so happy for you to get a little time away...enjoy!! :)

    Blessings to you!

  25. Linda, with as busy as you are every day, thanks for taking the time to blog. Your posts are always so encouraging, and your pictures are some of the best I see. I always come away from your blog feeling just plain happy. God bless and hug you from me!

  26. Hi Linda! This is my first post on your site. I so love being a part of your life. Thank you for sharing. I just wanted you to know what I noticed when I looked at the picture of your crow/sunflowers/fence decoration that says "Wherever you go..." sitting on the shelf in your kitchen at the college. I see three crosses on a hill! Just wanted to share that moment with you and how it made me smile, thinking about the double meaning of sunshine/sonshine with the fence looking like His cross on that hill.
    :)Kristi Zogleman:)

  27. Good Morning Linda,

    God's blessings to you and your family on your mini vacation! I too am going to my favorite quilt shop today. I don't know how to quilt, but I love to look at the fabrics and talk to the sweet ladies there. I hope to start lessons soon. I love how you made your work space look and feel like home. I would love to see your "home" kitchen. Your blog is such an inspiration to me and I look forward to reading new posts everyday. Have a wonderful weekend!

  28. Linda,
    I am so glad your family is able to have a little mini vacation! Since I am a Lawrence girl, I can picture all of the little stores you might be visiting. I do hope you are able to check out either Locust Street Marketplace (north of the river on Locust) or the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin. I just KNOW you'd love them both :)
    Thanks for sharing your life through your blog. I am always encouraged to live as a more devoted follower of Christ & as a better wife & mother after reading your blog.
    Have a great weekend!

  29. I sooooooo love you precious ladies! For you to take the time to leave me notes of encouragement is just a wonderful thing!!!

    We are having so much fun and I kind of feel like you are with!! I have fun pictures to show. Staying with a precious family of siters and aunts.......they have been a hoot!!!!! I have been going through their quilts and even took pictures for you all...... my cup is overflowing with gratefulness! Thank you so for loving me so! It really blesses my heart! to go check out the Locust Street Marketplace and Maple Leaf Festival if I can............thank you Kelli. Wish I could meet you! Next time I come?



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