Friday, October 1, 2010

Simply Beautiful!

You are welcome to use this photo's if you wish.

Hello Sweet Ladies in my LIFE................who I am very grateful for. I am NOT just saying that either! I truly mean it!!!!!

You know........ "this working thing" outside the HOME has made me think of all the years I was able to stay HOME. I am so grateful to the Lord for all those days! Now that our family is at the college together (such a God thing) I make myself think of things that I am thankful for while at work. I don't always do real well.........learning to be satisfied...........not easy for me at times...........relate? Here is my list.

1. We eat our breakfast and work......... for free...........can't hardly eat anything for the evening meal when we get HOME. To full on God's provisions.

2. We bring HOME all the scraps for the animals.......they have never eaten so well.

3. We actually get paid for working!!!!!! That is a total blessing!

4. We can give to the Lord! We love to be able to write a check! Makes our hearts smile! The girls give on their own. They have taken their training seriously....Mr. Phil and I are grateful!

5. I get to bring HOME these cool glass jars from work...........I am saving them and using them for EVERYTHING! What do you think? What would you use them for if you had them?

6. God is helping me see that our Life is Simply Beautiful..........because He is caring for us. He even cared when we were going through such hard times to even stay afloat.

7. I can come HOME on Friday afternoon and not go back until Monday morning!

8. I have my family with me! I still feel like I am my husbands helpmate.......together we are caring for our family.......just like when we farmed.

9. I get to listen to the Christian radio..........I can have my mind still Praising the Lord.

10. God is still caring for our family..........He is the one that blessed us with the job.
11. I am thankful that I can be a witness for the Lord in simple ways!
12. Thankful when I hear a ding on my computer and someone has left me a comment on my blog. It brings a SMILE....... when I see who has been there. Thank YOU! Sad part......I don't get to blog surf........and come to say hi or always answer back......sorry! I will try harder.

13. I GET to go on Saturdays and Sundays outside in MY NIGHTGOWN.

Hmmm .......... one thing I know......... My God loves my family............ so much and He says that He is the giver of all things good......... Simply Beautiful. No matter what is it that we have to walk here on earth. His Word says. "I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may KNOW that I AM the LORD, the GOD of Israel, who SUMMONS You by NAME. Isaiah 45:3.Oh how we Praise You Father! So when you feel like you are walking in the dark..........HE IS THERE!

So I have listed 13 things that I am grateful for. There are more, but that is what I can think of right now. I will read these often. Smile!

It is soybean Harvest Thyme around our area...........the combines are driving up and down the roads out by our farm. It is an exciting time! Always reminds me of God's to see that happen!

For those who want to know how our sweet little kitten Sophie is doing......... she is great. I just heard Tressy say to her, "So you want to hide in Mommies bed"?...........are we a strange bunch or what? Heehee. Love Farm Life........I truly do. Our animals become our Family.

Mr. Phil burned his arm real bad this last Thursday. We are caring for it and had to go to the Dollar General that is in our little get some things for his burn. I saw these adorable little leaf dishes. $1 each. Looked just like something from Pottery Barn. Very nicely made I thought.

I am using my jars for ribbons ( I will show you when I get them all done. I take the lids and use a rock and scruff the edges. They will look real old sooner. I am not sure how I can make them look rusty like some of my other old jar lids. Maybe there is something at the craft stores. Do any of you know what I could do?

I bought a few sacks of pumpkins and gourds.......thought it would make a cute center piece for the Potter's Shed. Put some bittersweet twined around the top of the jar lid. Cost me $3 dollars. I am finding delight in the SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!

Oh almost forgot to tell you! We are going to a wedding today.........the two love the Lord and the love story is precious. I will tell all later!!!!!!! The Stubbie girls went shopping............and bought new clothes. We had the most fun! I do have to was very hard to find something........decent! What has happened? We are going to look like Princesses of theKing. We can't wait. We are such romanticists at heart. Love to hear the promises made for better or worse.......... in rich or poor.......... to LOVE ALL THE DAYS OF THEIR LIFE!
Still working on about you? I want to LOVE my honey all the days of our life!

Hugs and blessings from my FARM to your HOME!

If you leave a comment.........I will definitely come over and say HELLO!



  1. Another post I LOVED to pieces! We have so much to be thankful for! God is so good to us!! Your jars are just beautiful and I just love "simply beautiful". It's the simple things that get my attention these day!

    Enjoy the wedding!

  2. I loved reading your blessings! I am simply amazed at how God worked in your job situation. Getting to work together, and being able to listen to Christian radio on the job!

    I love those glass jars too! I'd use them the same way you are, to display seasonal items, to store things, I have a thing for jars!!!

    I continue to pray for your adjustment in going back to work, I know how hard it is to have to be away from home, home is where I prefer to be most of all. It's my favorite place. I'm also praying for protection for your farm while you are away, that God will not allow those nasty dogs to come back ... ever.

    Have a lovely, enjoyable weekend!

  3. I just got home from work.....and I read the things you're grteful for about working outside of the home...COOL!!!! I 'll come up with one for myself...

    This last week has been ch allenging as you know...but I've been reminded that God will provide....etc...and many other it's helped me keep it together at work. I went home early today...and I scored at yard sales...nice things for the home and some really nice things for my dad, too :) :) God provides ;) :) :)

    Anyway, I'll come back later for a proper visit. Enjoy the wedding. I LOVE weddings...and when the two getting married love Jesus Christ, that's even better!!!!

    Love and hugs, Heather :)

  4. I also save and use glass jars for all sorts of things...storing dry goods, sea shells, bird's nests, ribbons and buttons and bows.

    This is a beautiful post. Beautiful spirit, beautiful thanksgiving and beautiful praise of our most gracious Heavenly Father.

    You blessed my spirit.


  5. Enjoy the wedding and your time off Linda, I like what you're doing with the jars.

  6. Such a sweet post filled with thankfulness! I am sure it must bless the Lord so when we offer thanksgiving for all the ways He cares for us! Simple beauty is definitely overflowing there at your farm home!

    Have a lovely weekend, Linda

  7. You ARE blessed, Linda! Those "free" meals are not compensation for being away from home, but sure must come in handy! I really like the jars. My Grandma used to have 3-4 of them filled with Christmas cookies and sitting on a shelf in her (cold) garage. I particularly remember some raisin filled cookies. I never got the recipe and have never tasted ANY like my grandmothers. (I SHOULD ask LaVonne if she happens to have it!)

  8. Thank you for sharing your list of thankfulness, what a great reminder. I would love some glass jars like yours I just don't have enough space, they sure are pretty. Praying that Mr. Phil's burn will heal properly. Enjoy your weekend. Blessings!

  9. We found out today that we have 6 weeks to find a new place to live. It appears our landlord is in worse shape then us! Prayers please.
    Linda you are the most trusting Christian woman I know. But God has blessed your family so I know why. You are such a wonderful servant to Him because you never stop spreading the gospel to everyone in such a beautiful way. I love knowing you and I am always praying for you. Hugs and Blessings to you as you post the very best of everything here. Hugs Anne

  10. I have for the long time been wanting to tell you "Thank You" for use of your pictures... but I gotta tell.. I'd much rather have them yummy balls of threads in THAT jar!!!!!! I have been going crazy with tatting of the late. I am just thrilled that God turned on that light bulb of mine for me to grasp the art of lace making!!!!

    By The Way... God Bless you!!!!!!!


  11. Thank you for sharing your many blessings.
    One of my blessings is your blog! I'm busy working at a seasonal job, and don't have much time to follow closely, but I am blessed by you. I love your farm and all the critters.
    You and your family are in my prayers <3

  12. Linda, Oh how i enjoy reading your blog each day. You just bring so much joy to my heart.
    Hope you had a wonderful time today at the wedding. Beautiful fall weather here in Pa.
    As always, Sophia is just so dear.
    How very cleaver with the jar ideas.

  13. Linda,

    Your thankful heart has been a blessing to my heart today! You have truly chosen the better path in choosing to give thanks.

    I hope your husband's burn is healing well!! I'm sure you're taking good care of him. And I love those dollar store bowls you found.

    I posted a recipe mostly for your sake on my blog. I hope you can use it at the college. Thought of you today as we visited our daughter at college and ate some of their cafeteria food. Not bad, but their cupcakes for dessert made me wonder what you would be serving if you were there.

    Take care!


  14. I love that verse in Isaiah, gives me chills thinking about it! That jar with the bittersweet and gourds is BEAUTIFUL! I think I will do something like that for a centerpiece. Just lovely! Just like you! Hope you are having a beautiful weekend at home and have a BLESSED Lord's day!

  15. Hi Linda. I follow your blog but don't always speack up and tell you thank you for the wonderful post you share with us each day.

    I just loved this post. My heart feels blessed just by reading it. It's so wonderful to see how you find all the joys and blessings in your life. And I always enjoy your photos. Hope Mr. Phil's hand is healing.

    Thank you for blessing my soul today.

    ooxx's....Tracy :)

  16. I love your little leaf dishes, very cute!! And those little pumpkins in the jar, oh my I just love that so much, I wish we decorated like that here in Australia! I know I can anyway, but it's hard finding things in the shops :)

  17. I will offer up a little prayer for Mr. Phil's arm Linda. I hope it wasn't serious enough to require medical attention.

    I love reading posts regarding thankfulness. We have so very much to be thankful for during the best of times, but especially during the worst of times. Every day is a blessing and often if we just stop, take a deep breathe, and listen and look around us we will see the blessings abundantly.

    Cute as can be little leaf bowls! Take care, enjoy Sunday. the best day of the week!

  18. What a blessing your list is!

    I hope his arm feels better.

    I really wish I could get to the dollar store!

    I hear salt water and sunshine is great for rusting stuff.

    Have a glorious Sunday!

    Blessings, Jessica

  19. Linda~
    Your *thankfulness* list was perfect for me to read this Sunday Morning before I head to church! What a wonderful reminder "in everything, give thanks'!
    And your jars are another thing to give thanks for! So many ways to use them. I have a couple dozen vintage 1 gallon glass mayo/pickle jars that I use in my pantry for holding everything from flours, sugars, beans, pasta etc. I made some fabric covers for the tops with pretty ribbon tied around. I love the look and the glass makes it so easy to see what is inside! I leave the doors to the pantry open so I can see them! ;~P
    Have a wonderful week, my friend, filled with His Blessings!

  20. Linda, I love this post and the reminder to be thankful in all circumstances. God is so faithful - happy to hear how He has been faithful to provide for your family. I hear we may get a visitor from your family...that would be SO much fun. Many blessings to you and yours this week.

  21. I enjoyed your thanksgiving list. Such a reminder to look around at our God given blessings instead of noticing the negatives. Love this post. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Hi Linda
    Thankyou for sharing your heart - this is such a beautiful post & for sharing your list with us. I love the way you have found the Lords hand in different areas of your life - He sure is wonderful to provide this job that you can do with your family!
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend
    God bless

  23. just want to share ...
    that your words are sweet
    encouragement to my heart.
    bless you dearly as you
    and your family are led
    by our Lord.


  24. Hi Linda, thank you for sharing your thanksgiving list. Monday will be Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. I'll be making the pumpkin pie with a gingersnap crust.

    I like your ribbon jar, very pretty. Sometimes when I leave metal things outside or in the dishwasher overnight the moist air starts the rust if they are scuffed already.


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